It isn’t a hoax.  It doesn’t require taking a pill, ordering special food, or exercising until your tongue drags the floor. It does work, and it’s very easy to do!  But, it’s not a quick fix.

One might think that a fitness professional/aerobic instructor wouldn’t have any struggles with weight.  Oh, there are instructors and personal trainers who think that if they can pinch one-quarter inch of fat at their waistline, that they are over fat.  That isn’t fit, that is an unhealthy view of fitness.  And, it also isn’t me!

I’ve never been one of those.  I’ve had a healthy and fit body for for twenty-six years, but it hasn’t always been small.  My genetics come into play far more than I like, and my love affair with chocolate contributes a couple of lingering pounds.  Menopause and mid-life issues have invaded my body, and rearranged it.

Having tried the various weight loss programs, I had good results, but did not have lasting success.  A little over a year ago, I decided to take a different approach, and have lost twenty-seven pounds so far.  I have more to lose, but it’s coming off a little at a time.  This weight will stay off, because here are the subtle changes I have made.  None of them are hard to do.

Eat Breakfast Fasting is not good for your body.  Don’t fast through breakfast.  Eat some yogurt, toast, boiled eggs, fruit, cereal, something light, but eat!  Eating a light breakfast will jump start your metabolism, enter a schedule into the computer called your brain, and regulate your brain as to what can be expected.

SS  (Simple Snack) Eat a light snack.  Fruit, yogurt, pudding, ice-cream bar, piece of fruit, peanut butter on apple, anything that will hold you over until lunch.

Eat Larger Meal of the Day for Lunch This is the most important part of my plan to adopt.  Eat your larger meal at lunch.  Your body will have adequate time to break it down, burn a few calories while you are up and moving, and you won’t be famished the rest of the day.  Keep portion sizes down, and don’t eat seconds of anything.  Drink more water instead.

SS This snack may not even be necessary.  Don’t eat if you aren’t hungry.  If you do eat, make it something small, and easy to fix.  A sandwich is NOT a snack.  A small bowl of veggie soup is a snack and a meal.  Soups are, low calorie, healthy, and filling.

Exercise Though you will lose weight by adopting my methods without adding exercise, we all know you will accelerate your weight loss if you do.  It is the healthy thing for you to do, and the benefits are well worth the effort.

Eat a Light Dinner It’s nice to not have to cook in the evenings.  We eat things like a baked potato with broccoli and light cheese, or a bowl of soup and some pudding.  Whatever it is, it isn’t a seven course meal.

Go to bed Try to eat your dinner before 6:00 – 7:00 pm, and don’t eat anything after eight.  Go to bed early!  You won’t be tempted to snack out of boredom, and will you get adequate sleep to restore your body.

All of these tips, working in conjunction, will give you desired results over the long term.  No, the pounds don’t melt off, but the loss is slow and steady.  Some weeks you will lose two pounds and gain three.  Other weeks you will lose four and gain one.  It’s up and down, but as you settle into the plan, and begin to lose the weight, you will be more motivated to stay with it.

What I like about it, is that it is natural.  I eat what I want.  No foods are denied.  The discipline comes easily, because I’m not building up hunger for that all important evening meal. 

If you are tired of trying diets, and would like to get ride of weight that will stay gone, try my plan.  Let me know how it works for you.

7 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

  1. You mean we just can’t eat chocolate and lose weight? I just had someone pitch me the whole chocolate diet thing. Is that legit legit or not?

    I do know what you’re saying makes perfect sense. The main thing I think is to be CONSISTENT.

  2. Wonderful, easy tips and things I can actually do! I’m done with dieting. After years of battling pounds I can’t think of starvation one more minute. Your suggestions are so helpful and I know they will make a difference.
    Pam, you’re a great role model for the rest of us. Many thanks!

  3. Pam,

    This is wonderful advise and I know it works…this night owl has a hard time with the “Go to Bed” part, just ask my hubby who goes to bed at about 10 pm, a few hours before me 🙂

    To support hubby I am doing NutriSystem, I don’t believe the foods are the healthiest, though I did pick and choose a lot when I put together my program, shared how I did that on my nutrition blog. But that will only be temporary, and then will have to be disciplined to keep the weight off…that is always the challenge.

    God bless!

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