6 thoughts on “Check out my Slide Show!

  1. Pam,

    These pictures are fantabulous! We have so many to describe what a wonderful time it was. I especially love the one with you and Chris–it’s so cute. Thanks for believing in my vision and all of your help in Daytona Beach. When I call you sis’ I REALLY MEAN IT!

    Love ya!

  2. As Mariah’s words ring loudly in my ears, I type this with tears in my eyes…Oh Pam, having that glorious song sing to me, while seeing each face, each sister, my heart felt like it would burst open! Please guys do not laugh, I felt as if God had reached inside me and lifted me up!!! Pam, I felt that water of Daytona sweep over my soul sister, God bless you and everyone…I am so glad you guys came together, I can tell you now, I WAS THERE!!!!

    Love Debbie xx

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