I’ve hung up my Hula Hoop, temporarily, to test another fitness phenomenon.  This craze is sweeping the world, not just the U.S.!  It’s called Zumba.  Now, Zumba isn’t all that new.  It was introduced to the fitness industry by it’s creator, Beto Perez, more than a decade ago.  However, it only recently took the group fitness classes by storm.

Zumba is different!  The typical aerobic/group fitness class consists of a warm-up, a continuous, steady state, aerobic segment, toning, and cool-down flexibility.  Zumba is a collection of dances, implemented in a group exercise environment.  The dances include salsa, samba, reggaeton, calypso, and many other latin-inspired dances.  It can also include a country style dance, cuban, hip-hop, bellydance, a gamut of styles.

The movements are introduced to the class, then the dance is put together.  There are brief breaks between songs, so it isn’t a continuous movement class.  It does burn calories and it is so much fun!

I’ve been teaching group exercise classes for nearly two decades.  I’ve taught just about everything there is to be taught.  Zumba has me revved and renewed.  I can’t wait to start teaching this class!  I signed up for the certification, purchased my cargo pants and dance shoes, and I’m raring to ignite the enthusiasm in participants for this hip-shaking, mambo movin’ workout.  My first opportunity will come on April 18th, at the first annual Baby Boomer Girlfriend’s Retreat in Daytona Beach, Florida.

I’m so pumped to get the party started with this blazing hot workout.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I just hope I don’t throw out this old back with all that hip gyrating.  On the flip side, it just might be worth it.   The idea of partying my way to health and fitness is quite appealing.

Yes, I believe I’ll have some salsa with my chips! 

4 thoughts on “Zumba Rhumba

  1. Is Zumba available on CD yet = or DVD – to be used at home? I am 71 y.o. and have heard so much about this but don’t want to embarrass myself by going to a class with all those yound bodies!!!

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