Taylor Morgan is an amazing individual!  She is compassionate, caring, and a mover and shaker.  She is a local on-air radio personality for WTFM, and she is adorable!

For a couple of weeks, Taylor has been to initiating a campaign, to raise awareness of breast cancer.  Her idea was to collect bras from listeners, and string them across the radio station building, which is located in downtown Kingsport, Tennessee.  Her goal was to collect 1,000 bras.

Tonight is the campaign.  As of Wednesday night, Taylor had collected 3,000 bras!  The problem was that she had also collected pneumonia!  She didn’t have any help to string the bras, or to help set up for the rally.  She called in the troups…her mother-in-law, Donna Ferguson, who is a breast cancer survivor, and me.  I’m sorry to say that none of my 75 ladies showed up to help, but Taylor and Donna were able to recruit about a dozen women.  Yesterday afternoon, we strung the 3,000 bras, and I climbed to the roof of the building to help hang them.

Taylor’s boss didn’t believe she would get any response to her hair brained plan.  Was he ever surprised.  Not only did she get bras, but Wal-Mart came on board to donate $1,000.  They donated lots of prizes for gift bags, to be given out at the rally tonight.  She was able to get other sponsors to supply various prizes. 

As dark closed in last night, Daryl, the Wal-Mart executive, called to say he had another 1,000 bras! 

Granted, it is an unconventional way to raise awareness, but it worked.  Motorists were honking their horns and waving to us as we worked yesterday.  I can’t wait for the rally tonight.  Even though it is raining, I believe in the power and unity of women.  I believe in the cause, and I want to stand for two of my sisters Donna McNeilly, and Suzanne Williams, who have had breast cancer.  I am standing for Joanne LaBarbera who has been fighting breast, and other forms of cancer for the past two years.  I am standing in awe and honor of my courageous sister-in-law, Donna Ferguson, who demonstrated the importance of keeping a positive outlook, throughout her battle, and  I am standing in memory of Anne Milam, my dear friend, who succumbed to this horrible disease. 

I am humbled by the women who cared enough to donate to the campaign.  Thank you so much!  The bras will be given to the Womens’ Shelter.

Hats off to Taylor, who is always thinking of others, and demonstrates her love for Jesus, not just in words, but in actions.

See the slide show below for a glimpse of the action.

5 thoughts on “Bras Across Tri-Cities

  1. Never before has the mention of bras brought tears to my eyes. Your tribute to your friends and sister-in-law, as well as to the power and unity of women, tugged at my heart. It’s people like you,who go out of their way to raise awareness, that will provide needed funds for research. Let’s finally cure this terrible disease.

  2. You know Eileen, that the sad thing is that a cure has already been found, but because of the medical field seeing it as a danger to their professions…imagine not needing oncologist or chemotherapy, radiation, etc. for breast cancer, what an impact it would have on the medical field. My sister-in-laws doctor told her this.

  3. Pam,

    That song is sooooo appropriate! I remember it from WAY BACK in the day.

    Your neice is to be commended for drawing attention to Breast Cancer in your community.

    You know, some years ago I had heard there was a cure for cancer but no one was willing to admit it because they would stop getting those millions of dollars for cancer research. How sad that we have become a society looking for “greed” instead of cures.

  4. This should be a national campaign! Stringing Up The Bras for Breast Cancer Awareness Day!

    How inspiring and awesome! I’ll send you all my bras – I hate wearing them anyway,lol.

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