Five Ways to Avoid Back Pain


Greater than fifty percent of adults will experience back pain at some time during their life.  Developing good habits for maintaining spinal alignment, and being aware of your body alignment, can go a long way toward keeping your back pain free.

1.       Strengthen the muscles that make up the integrity of the back.  Perform exercises such as squats and back extension.  It is equally important to build core strength, including abdominal training.  The stronger these supporting muscles are, the less the risk of getting injured.  It is possible to develop back pain, due to muscle imbalance, caused by doing too many abdominal exercises, and not enough back exercises to create balance.

2.      Lift with your legs.  Squatting or stooping to pick up an object will protect your back.  Use your legs to push you up as you lift.  Avoid bending over without supporting your back, by holding in your abdominal muscles.  Always roll up from a bent over position, as opposed to just standing up.

3.      Avoid bending and twisting at the same time.  Bending and twisting the spine simultaneously can compromise the longitudinal ligament of the spine, and the vertebra.

4.      Stretch daily Stretching the backs and fronts of the legs, as well as the low back, will help to keep you limber and mobile.  Sitting for long periods of time will tighten the muscles of the hip flexors, hamstrings, quadriceps, and back.  Stretching will alleviate muscle spasms.

5.      Wear comfortable shoes.  High heels, and flip flops can throw off your body alignment.  High heels will create an anterior pelvic tilt, which pulls on the muscles of the low back.  Flip flops do not lend enough support for the feet.

Back injuries and back pain are common occurrences.  Do your best to avoid back pain by being proactive.  Be aware of the alignment of your spine at all times.  Hold your abdominal muscles in by keeping them contracted.  Provide all of the support that your back needs, and it will support you!

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8 thoughts on “Five Ways to Avoid Back Pain

  1. Pam,

    These are great tips, for sure. Knock on wood–I’ve never experienced chronic back pain. Maybe because I don’t mind wearing “grandma shoes” instead of the fashionable 6′ heels that still clog up my closet.

    I have been finding plenty of cute shoes that are comfortable as well as stylish.

  2. Thank you, Pam, for these great suggestions. I suffer from lower back pain from time to time and need these reminders. It’s so discouraging to do my cardio (I have a treadmill) only to have my back get sore later in the day.
    Now, I’ll be sure to remember to do my strength training exercises, too, and concentrate on my abs and back. You’re an inspiration. Thanks!

  3. Back pain is something that has plagued me since a car accident in 1989.

    With permanent damage involved I’ve found that one of the best things for me in managing the pain was learning how to relax! It’s amazing how much relief you can get when the muscles surrounding the damaged area are no longer adding to the stress!

  4. I am so bad about bending over to lift. Luckily I have never injured my back. But you remind me once again to lift with my legs. Thanks! I really will try to remember – before I do hurt myself.

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