New Year’s Resolutions for Fitness

We all make them. Resolutions to get fit, become more fit, or to excel at getting fit and healthy. We join a gym, and are going gung ho until March 1st, then we fizzle. “What’s the secret?”, we ask ourselves, as we observe those who do stick with their fitness regiments year after year.

It’s no secret at all. It’s a simple truth

Fighting the Flu

‘Tis the season to cough, blow your nose, or lose your food. (This is a little less crude than saying vomit, puke, or barf.) The very thought of the flu season, and all those germs floating through the air, sends many people running to the sink to wash their hands multiple times per day, or to the bottle of hand sanitizer. Clinics and doctors office fill up with people waiting for their flu shot. Before jumping into the mainstream and mania of prevention, consider some of these facts.