Healthcare Is a Wild Goose Chase and Our Goose Is Cooked!

There are lots of people talking about the state of our healthcare! The point is, “we aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto!” Gone are the days when we could completely rely on what our physician told us. Long past is the time that we can take their word for everything. The time has come that we must take our healthcare in our own hands. If we aren’t getting satisfactory answers, we need to do our own research. We must be persistent in finding diagnosis and remedies.


Be a Mentor for Beginning Exercisers

There is a group of dedicated exercise enthusiasts who are mentoring lots of folks in our city. Each year, the State of Franklin Track Club leads a group of beginning walkers/runners in a progressive training program, in preparation for the Crazy 8’s Road Race and the Eastman Rd. Race. The Crazy 8’s events, including the 8k race, the 3K Neil’s Walk, and the Little 8’s, Special 8s, and Crazy Mile are part of Fun Fest. These events drew 3,500 participants last year, and are expected to increase in numbers this year, with about that many people on the sidelines cheering them on