An  Harvard professor, David Edwards, has invented inhaleable chocolate.  Le Whif’, as he calls it, made it’s debut at All Candy Expo, in Chicago.  Edwards also assisted in developing  inhaleable insulin and is working on an inhaleable TB vaccine.  He states that he believes that there will be a new way of eating in the future..by aerosol!

Now I am a believer in the health benefits of eating dark chocolate.  You know the benefits…antioxidants, improved mood, tastes good, but seriously…if I am going to inhale any particle of food, it is going to be in chunks, inserted into my mouth, not my nose!  My daughter, at age 2, tried to inhale a Sweet Tart.  It cost me $25 to get that removed from her nostril and now they encourage inhaling food? 

I can see where they are going with this radical idea of food inhalers.  There would be no need for dishes, silverware, pots or pans.  No stoves, ovens or microwaves.  We could just line up our inhalers and aerosol spray veggies, meat, bread, and desserts on shelves in the pantry.  We could pack our lunch in our pockets and purses, and in our child’s lunchbox. 

I wonder if they have done any research on the long-term effects of the sinuses and lining of the nostrils?  Twenty years from now, will we be blogging about how to keep your nose from falling off your face, due to constant irritants navigating their way through the tunnels of it?  What would this do to restaurants or grocery stores?  Can you imagine an aerosol drive through?

Surely they will save this inhaleable eating plan for astronauts, because the idea is over the moon.   Eating should be a pleasant and relaxed experience.  It should be down time, not down it time.  This is one convenience we can live without.  We are in too much of a hurry.  Stress fills our day already.  Meal time shouldn’t be squirting up on the subway.  That couldn’t be good for us.

Food inhalers and aerosol sprays?  For me, this idea stinks!

4 thoughts on “Aerosol Dining

  1. I saw something about this, too, and I so agree with you! I can understand administering medications this way, but inhaling food? I can’t imagine this ever taking off, frankly, and in my opinion, starting with chocolate ensures that the concept will suffer a quick death. So much of the enjoyment of chocolate is the way it feels in your mouth, not to mention the taste. The smell of chocolate is nice, but not at ALL satisfying!

  2. No, I’m not feeling or should I say “inhaling” this one….I’m not a big chocolate eater so this wouldn’t turn me on in the least. I think what is amazing to me is the lengths people go to to creative something new and different.

  3. This may just be a prime example of taking technology too far! Why would we want to redefine eating? Change it to inhaling? What would happen to our taste buds? Poses more questions than answers, I say!!!! Give me my chocolate in chunks!

  4. I remember sticking a string bean up my nose as a kid and having a devil of a time getting it out. Since that experience, I’ve vowed to take all of my sustenance orally–chewing and tasting actual edible food would be a tough one to give up!

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