In my last post I remarked about my lack of flexibility.  Flexibility is a relative term.  In the case of the Ross Sisters of 1944,  I would say that being related had a great deal to do with their unblievable flexibility.  I’ve seen such acts in the circus before, but I don’t think I have seen anything more remarkable than what they display in this this video clip.


Flexibility is a vital part of fitness, but an area which is often overlooked when we exercise.  As we age, we lose elasticity of the muscles and connective tissue.  A routine of stretching on a daily basis can help us to maintain our mobility and joint range of motion.  Increased flexibility of a joint is gained when a stretch is held for 30 seconds or longer, or when you repeat the stretch 2-3 times and hold it for 8-10 seconds each time.

When stretching to improve range of motion, do so when muscles are warm and elastic in nature.  Good times to do this, aside from the obvious time of after we work out, are right after getting out of the shower or bath, before going to bed at night, or after doing work around the house or lawn.

You will find that while stretching your legs you will also be improving your balance…another component of fitness.  Stretch the front of your leg by bending your knee and holding on to your sock, heel, or toes.  Stretch the fronts and backs of the legs, chest, arms, and back.  You will feel better, rest better, have less pain, and a be a lot more mobile.

Stretching is good for you, as long as you aren’t stretching the truth!

4 thoughts on “Stretch for Flexibility

  1. I used to be really limber about 20 years ago when I was really exercising. These days the only real part of my body thatis getting a good workout is my fingers–since I’m on the computer practically all day.

    A few years back when I was a regular member of my gym, I remember this 89 year old woman named Miss Elsa who would always be stretching. She looked like gumby. As I got to know her better, I learned she was an avid gardener and ran around all day doing hospital volunteer work and meals on wheels. I guess you really have to be flexible to do all of that!

  2. Flexibility has never been a problem with me. I’ve always been very limber, even when I was really heavy.

    But, not that arthritis is settling in, I find that I need to stretch a bit more, in the mornings before I get “warmed” up and ready to go.

  3. I agree that stretching is more important than we often realize. I try to do this after my workouts and, even when I feel out of shape, stretching helps to keep muscle pain at bay. Plus, it cuts down on aches and pains of all types. Now that I’m getting older, I gotta keep movin’ and stretching–use it or lose it is FOR REAL!

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