A Weight Watcher’s leader asked me this week  if I had any tips for exercising on a budget.  I hadn’t really given the topic much thought, but she had a point.  Not everyone has the funds right now to join a gym, or belong to the local tennis club, country club, or community pool. 

So what can we do?  The obvious answer would be to walk, hike, or bike, but for some that isn’t an option due to safety concerns or work hours.   With Spring nearly here, taking advantage of our local parks is another option.  These  too are obvious.  But for those who are new to exercise, or simply aren’t motivated to do regimented exercise, I have some suggestions.

Do what you have to do around the house, but do it with purpose and focused energy. 

ATTACKevery chore and task as if the President were coming for dinner…every evening!  While you work, think of ways you can stimulate the economy!  Work efficiently and quickly.  Reach and bend, push and pull, twist and turn, all the while holding in your abs.  This will protect your back as you strengthen your core.

ACCELERATE the pace at which you clean.  Don’t poke!  Work as if you only have one hour to get it all done.  You will perspire your way to a clean shower, shiny floors, and dust free living.  You will ultimately burn calories.

ADOPT the attitude that every movement counts.  Bend over and pull some weeds, and while you are at it, plant some seeds.  You will have flowers for that dinner table in just a few weeks.

BE CONSISTENT with your activity.  Work on the house one day, the lawn another day, and you can’t tell me that your garage couldn’t use a little cleaning out.  Have a garage sale with the things you are willing to part with while making a little extra money, then SPEND it to stimulate the economy.  Buy some paint! 

Now that you have a bucket of paint, drag out the old ladder.  Leave the bucket on the floor or ground, so that you will need to make multiple trips up and down the ladder while you complete your project.  Talk about toned legs, and rear view!  Painting and scrubbing surfaces will pump up your biceps and triceps, so there are specific benefits to all this working.

You have cleaned your house and garage thoroughly, painted everything that needs to be painted, and push mowed the lawn, what else can you do?  Are you kidding me?  You know there is always something to be done around the house.  If not, then go help a neighbor or an elderly person.  

There is more to exercising on a budget than meets the eye.  There are so many benefits.  Not only do you get in shape, but think of all that you can accomplish.  Every activity adds up to a more active lifestyle and calories burned.  That’s budgeting at it’s best.

I’m so energized by writing this, I think I’ll go hunt some dirt.  There’s probably some lurking under the rug. 



8 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Exercise

  1. I absolutely LOVE your suggestions. Killing two birds with the same fast moving stone: exercise your way to becoming the ultimate homemaker with nary a speck of dust to be found!
    I have another suggestion you gave me a while back:Turn on some rockin’ tunes and dance your way to a spotless kitchen. Good for you and great for eliminating greasy spills. 🙂

  2. Pam,

    I actually wrote about some of this in my book Whatever! People often make not having money to spend for a gym embership an excuse when all they have to do is get off of their behinds and clean their homes—and if you have a two-story house, you get a really great workout!

  3. Now this is something I can get into. I don’t need to lose weight but do need to tone, and finding the time hasn’t been easy. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Interesting article! I like it, though It’s not normally the way I go about my tasks, I can see how it would be more effective and productive.

  5. This makes me feel so much better. I have been feeling so guilty about a lack of an excercise regimen I started counting the hours I spend cleaning house or working in the garden. I will remember your tips on how to really make it work for me. What a relief!

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