I love the change of seasons, in particular the spectacular display of color as the leaves change from green to yellow, red, and orange. While I revel in the beauty of creation, it is also a time of realizing that another year is nearly gone. I like winter until Christmas then I am ready to move to the tropics! I am not a winter person. The older I get, the less I like the cold weather. I try not to let the anticipation of that dreaded season get the better of me, keeping me from enjoying autumn, so I have learned to appreciate special things about this season. Maybe these suggestions will get your creative juices flowing, so that you can have a super fall season.


Spend more time outdoors. Take advantage of the cooler temperatures to ride your bike, hike, take a walk, go on picnics, fish, plant fall flowers in your yard, or anything else that you like to do outside. The fresh, cool air is invigorating. You will find you have more endurance to do things now then you did in the heat of the summer.


Go to a festival It isn’t hard to find a festival, street fair, or county fair to attend in the autumn. Schools, churches, and civic organizations have fall festivals. In our area, we have the National Storytelling Festival the first weekend of October. Storytellers from around the nation converge in the little town of Jonesborough, Tennessee, with several thousand attendees, to tell tall tales from their heritage. Folk lore, ghost stories, tales from the Appalachian Mountains, both true and homespun is all part of the festival.


Go to a football game So what if you’re not a football fan. Support your local high school or college football team. The games are outdoors, so you get fresh air. Grab a banner and you might find that you’ll get your rah rah on! Besides, you can get warm with a cup of hot cocoa.

Have a party Parties and barbeques aren’t just for summer or Halloween. There are so many neat themes you can do for an autumn party. Pumpkins, mums, candles, buckets, hay, fodder, and gingham are great to decorate with. Hearty stews and soups served in a bowl carved from a pumpkin, or gourd, are decorative and fun. String up the lights on your deck, trees, anywhere you want. Make a campfire and make S’ Mores. It’s fun for everyone. There’s just something about the aroma of wood smoke filling the air that refreshes the spirit. After dark, gather around and tell stories, or show an outdoor movie.

Curl up with a good book. What a great time to read! Cover up with your favorite afghan, cozy up to the fire, and break open a new book. Keep some popcorn close by, and enjoy your day.


Autumn doesn’t have to be a time of depression and adjustment. It can be fun and care free, too.

Image courtesy of http://www.freerange.com

For more tips http://buzz.prevention.com/community

2 thoughts on “Autumn Pick Me Ups

  1. What a gorgeous fall photo, Pam. It takes my breath away! Love the suggestion of going to a festival. There is one nearly every weekend around here.

    Have a fantastic fall,

  2. Autumn is my favorite time of year and for all of the reasons you listed. I love the crisp cool air after the horrible heat of the summer. I love the colors. I love watching my grandchildren collecting bouquets of red and yellow autumn leaves. I love curling up in my chair by the fire with a good book. And I really love the anticipation of knowing that soon the grandkids will start looking forward to Christmas. I wish it could be autumn right up until about Christmas! Then we could have a little snow just for the spirit of the holidays and it would warm right back up and stay autumn – until spring!

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