Beauty is a relative term.  I have seen many women who are beautiful, who would never make the cover of a magazine, due to their size, shape, or age.  True beauty comes from within.  It is confidence, passion for life, spirituality, compassion, and love that evolves from a place deep within; a place where one has worked through many issues and conflicts to arrive at a place of self-acceptance. 

I could spend every day critiquing the flaws in my face and body, or I can make a conscious decision to embrace life and take care of what I have been given.  Being that I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, I learned long ago how to take good care of my skin.  I can justifiably say that I have tried hundreds of skin care products, both high end and inexpensive.  I’ve found very little difference in the two.  I can with absolute certainty say, that regardless of the products that you use, my top three makeup tips actually come before you ever put makeup on!  If you take great care of your skin, any makeup you use will give you a better result.

1. Cleanse – your skin morning and night.  Oils and dirt can build up and clog your pores, creating unsightly blemishes.

2. Moisturize – your face and neck daily.  Stay ahead of the aging game by being proactive in fighting it.

3. Hydrate – your skin by drinking lots of water.  Dehydrated skin looks dull and lifeless.

Yes, my solution is simple.  It would probably shock you to know that, having tried all of those products through the years, the most effective cleanser for my skin is Dove soap.  I hear you gasping, “Soap is terrible for your skin.”  Dove is a conditioning moisture bar poured into a soap mold.  It also rates a “0″ on the scale of toxicity to your body.  My skin is smooth, soft, and wrinkle free.  I’ve used it for twenty years, and it works great for me.  Experiment with various products to see which ones work for your skin, but be aware that many of them contain harmful chemicals, parabens, and phylates.

Click here to check out your personal care products for toxicity at Cosmetics Database.  It is a great source for learning about the safety of our skin care products.

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