Eggs are the perfect food!  Who knew!  These poor little oval wonders have gotten so much rotten press that we have all but eliminated them from our dietary intake.  Talk about discrimination!  The whites have been whipped into shape, while the yellows were trashed, because they have been blamed with rising cholesterol.

The truth is, eggs are a great source of complete protein.  They are rich in Vitamins E and A, plus they contain choline, a nutrient that is vital to the nervous system.  Dr. Walter Willett, chairman of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, and a professor at Harvard Medical School said, “No research has ever shown that people who eat more eggs have more heart attacks than people who eat few eggs.”  Dietary cholesterol, like the kind found in eggs, has NO impact on serum cholesterol.  It is advised, however, to avoid scrambling eggs, as scrambling oxidizes the cholesterol and can lead to an increased risk of atheriosclerosis.

I have cracked the case against eggs!  What it all boils down to, is that the preparation of them that gave them the reputation of being bad for us.  So if you refuse to eat eggs, because you have been fed a bunch of hooey grain, then you are just plain chicken!  Eggercise your right to whole foods and buy some farm fresh eggs today.

If I have been somewhat of a ham on this subject, it’s because the news is too eggciting not to ap..pouch you with it.  I help bring home the bacon at our house, so I intend to shell out for some eggs, to go with my yogurt and fruit, for a healthy breakfast.  Now, that’s Grade A!

6 thoughts on “Eggstra, Eggstra, Read All About It

  1. Thanks, Pam, for cracking the case on eggs. I’m a vegetarian so they’re an important source of protein for me. I’m a huge fan of egg white omelets. I simply throw in some veggies, and the combination makes for a healthy, low-calorie lunch. Not too eggciting but tasty!

  2. I love the blog title and all the puns! Made me laugh 🙂

    I never listen to the current news media hype about what foods are “good/bad” for you. They change their mind and do complete 180s every few years! It’s so silly.

    Natural food – real butter, real eggs – is what I eat as I prefer to keep my chemical intake on the downlow, lol!

    I love eggs. They’re quick, easy, tasty and as you said, a good source of protein. I often have omelettes for dinner! But now I have to worry about scrambling them?

  3. I love eggs and never did quite buy into all the gloom and doom naysaying about them. Scrambled eggs with salsa are my favorite breakfast and a hard boiled egg when I’m on the run is a great protein pick-me up. Thanks for sharing!

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