Everybody’s talking about it.  The cost of fuel is rising daily.  These inflated prices are effecting every area of our jeopardized economy, from our grocery bill to the cost of a single flower.  Something has to be done, so go the murmurings and complainings.

The solution is quite simple.  Let’s take other means of transportation.  What are you talking about, you might ask.  I was thinking about the two-wheeled vehicles, called bicycles.  Not only would it be much cheaper than operating an automobile, but health care costs would be dramatically reduced. 

Imagine America getting healthy and fit!  Bicycles don’t emit toxins into our air.  We would all lose our excess fat, and all of this getting healthy would reduce the need for visits to the doctor.  Heart disease, diabetes, and morbid obesity might become issues of the past.  Our interstate highways and roads would last longer, allowing us to stretch our tax dollars. 

I was always curious about what it was like to live back in the horse and buggy days.  I think this is a brilliant solution.  So what if it would take longer to get where we are going.  We are trying to get there too fast as it is.  We are all so stressed out from the pressures of our fast paced lives, that we can’t relax and live. 

And, Lord help us all that we might have to walk a mile or two!  Walking.  Now, that’s a thought….a fleeting one, but a thought. 

There are lots of solutions to the rising fuel costs.  It’s a big supply and demand thingy.  Don’t demand and the supply will build up and there will be no choice but for it to become cheaper.  Just don’t buy it!  Take to the roads, but not in our vehicles.  Alternative means of transportation could be our life saver, in more ways than one.

And the wheels keep turning.

5 thoughts on “The Solution To Inflated Fuel Costs

  1. Great idea! Who needs all the stress and road rage? Try walking for a change–that way you truly can stop and smell the roses along your journey.

  2. You’re absolutely right, but I don’t know….LOL. One way I have tried to saved gas is by planning my trips and errands a little better so that I can do more per tank of gas. It’s helping.

  3. Wow Pam, you and I are definitely on the same page mate…this has been a topic in my home lately and I was saying the exact same thing! How I wish i knew how to ride a pushbike!!!! LOL This is just ONE reason I have decided its time to give it one more go…the exercise another! Wish me luck, pray I don’t make a fool out of myself! lol Thanks for the post!!

  4. These gas prices has gone ridiculously high. I went to visit my grandmother in san francisco and paid about $4.10 per gallon for regular gas! I can’t believe it either. I just read an article on zero emission cars being released by Honda. However, this is still of a kind pilot study. Only a few “elites” are able to try it out the car. Honda still needs to find out how to mass produce the car at a cheaper cost to them. In my opinion I think this is the main reason why the gas companies has inflated the price of gas – because of the development of zero emission cars. Government should allocate their “green” campaign funds to help speed production of these zero emission cars? In this way its a win win situation for the government. Government doesn’t have to deal with gas and its foreign countries hold on us because of our dependent on our constant demand of it. Second, mother nature will be happy that we’ve helped our environment – especially our ozone layer. Honda should have a trade in program for consumers. Trade in cars at low interest and low monthly rate and as incentive for Honda every car traded they get a tax break from the government-(oh hum only in lala land. lol easily said than done. Well if government and everyone else is really concerned with these severe weather we’ve been having all over the world. Why not?!

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