Beverly Mahone is the mastermind behind the Baby Boomer Women’s Spring Break, which will be April 18th-20th at the Hilton Resort in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Along with seminars pertaining to issues that the 40+ woman faces, there will be a Zumba workout (led by your’s truly), a mini-spa, pa-jamming party, karioke, dancing, just a good old time!

Featured speakers are Bern Nadette Stanis, who was Thelma on Good Times, Shirley Mitchell, a celebrity radio star, Joy Kelly, a Hollywood actress and wife of Jack Kelly, from Maverick fame, Debra Shively Welch, best selling author, and Rev. Ora Stearns Smith, author and inspirational speaker. 

Friday afternoon of this Girlfriend’s retreat will find the Boomer women in a Town Hall meeting on TV.  On Saturday, the women from the official Baby Boomer Diva Web of Fame will be formally introduced.  I caught up with Beverly long enough for a brief interview.


What are your goals for the Baby Boomer Diva Nation?


My goals for Boomer Diva Nation are to have us recognized internationally as a group of women who are on the move and making a difference at forty years of age and beyond. 

One of the things we have started doing is supporting worthwhile causes.  In 2007, we donated to an at-risk kids’ organization, and this year we are supporting the American Heart Association.  BDN is full of very talented and resourceful women, and I want others to see exactly what I see by utilizing their business savvy skills.  I also want to see us all prosper according to the plans that God has for each of us and being connected to each other is the first step.


What do you hope to accomplish with the Town Hall TV show?


To my knowledge, the televised town hall meeting is the first time boomer women have been able to come together to voice their concerns in a forum of this nature.  This is a big deal, and I’m very excited that our group was invited to participate in this program.  Ultimately, this show will be seen around the country and it is my goal that women who watch it will gain valuable insight from the topics raised.


Are you surprised by the interest shown from the media, regarding the Girlfriend’s Retreat:


Surprised?  Absolutely not!  I spent more than 25 yeats in the media.  It’s now time to call in some favors! (LOL)  Seriously,  I’m really not surprised , because this is really a unique kinf of event, and I think there is a lot of curiosity among the media to see what baby boomer women do when they go on a “Spring Break”.

I invite you to listen to my special invitation to you.  Just click on the Download mp3 and click the play button.

For all the information regarding the retreat, including registration, go to http://www.enjoyyourmenopause.com

3 thoughts on “Baby Boomer Women’s Spring Break

  1. Pam,

    You know I’ll be there and I cannot wait to meet you!

    See you on the 18th!

    Heidi Richards, Founder
    Women’s eCommerce Association
    Speaker – “This One’s for the Girls”

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