sunset.jpgWellness is a choice – a decision to move toward achieving optimal health and fitness.

Wellness is a way of life – a lifestyle that you choose to achieve health and fitness, not just a short-term diet plan.

Wellness is a process – continual, no end point; a lifestyle change.

Wellness is loving acceptance of yourself and others.

Wellness is nurturing your spiritual and emotional health, as well as your physical health.

Wellness is taking good care of yourself, being a good steward of your time, using your mind constructively, and effectively expressing your emotions.

Wellness is learning how to handle stress.

Wellness is self-responsibility

Wellness is movement to improve blood circulation, digestion, reproduction, and overall fitness

Be well!

17 thoughts on “Wellness? What’s that?

  1. i love this post!
    you may like to check out my blog @

    i write about health and wellness and creating a radiant life from the inside out.
    i look forward to hearing what you are sharing!
    waller mcinnes

  2. Hi–Loved the post!

    Also, to answer Vicky–I’m not sure where in TN zumba is taught, but I recently took a “class” with a presenter named Sandra Pajon who’s a fitness instructor at a lot of clubs including New York Sports. She’s on Twitter and maybe Facebook, so maybe you could track her down to ask.


    Irene Ross

  3. Hello Irene!

    Thank you for stopping by the blog and taking the time to comment. I appreciate the information about the Zumba instructor.

    Good health to you!


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  5. I would argue that wellness (from nature and what it provides us) is what allows us to give ourselves fully to the people around us.

  6. Loved the post on wellness. Very inspiring. Every line is very well written. I loved that wellness is a process, continual with no end point; a life style change.

  7. I totally agree, especially the part about “responsibility.” Someone asked me last week who my idea client was–I used the words “responsibility” and “accountability”–because that means someone is motivated to make the changes to a healthier, happier life! It’s important to always remember, though, that a person may have responsibility and accountability in other areas, but just aren’t yet ready to do that particular work now. They might be ready 6 months or a year or two down the line. Everyone’s different.

  8. Love the post! Thank you so much for sharing! Absolutely, let us embrace wellness. We should look to other wellness traditions that have been around for thousands of years such as Ayurveda. This science treats the individual by healing mind, body and spirit. Check out our educational channel on You Tube. Over 180 videos of our doctors teaching classes. Happy Learning 🙂


    Live Long and Prosper 🙂

  9. These words are so true. I may be copying them and posting it on the walls in my exam rooms. I am a nurse practitioner and it is hard to explain these concepts to my patients.

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