Group cycling allows all fitness levels to ride in the same class.  The intensity of the workout is fully controlled by the participant.  These bikes are special.  They aren’t the average, run of the mill bike that you see on the cardio floor in a gym.  Instead, they are made for this specific type of activity.  All parts of the bicycle are adjustable to the rider.  A knob to control the tension of the bicycle is also operated by its rider, therefore allowing them to determine how hard they want to work.

 The typical group cycling session, also known as spinning or RPM, is anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour in length.  The distance traveled is approximately 10-15 miles.  The journey is a fun and varied one.  Sprints, jumps, hovers, climbs, and surges are among the movements incorporated to arrive at the destination.  Some instructors use visualization to ride a course, while others just pump away in rhythm to the music.  Though the bicycles don’t actually move or go anywhere, you can rest assured that you feel that you have traveled a great distance by the end of the session.

From the time the pulsating and familiar music begins to play and the pedals start moving, everyone is singing and having a great time.   Cycling tones everything from the waist down and burns maximum calories.  The average calorie burn in a group cycling class is 750.  That’s a pretty good workout, wouldn’t you say?  That’s about 250 calories more than walking at a brisk pace for the same amount of time. 

I realize that biking or group cycling isn’t for everybody, but it could be just right for you.  You don’t need any special equipment, just a good pair of shoes and some clothes that you don’t mind sweating in, because sweat you will.  Regardless of the new activity that you choose to do, remember the Nike slogan, “Just Do It”. 

2 thoughts on “Group Cycling Burns Max Calories

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  2. Spinning is my favorite activity ever! I love that it’s really safe and burns so many calories. Along with lifting, it’s the only exercise I do and I am really in great shape.

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