head-shot-web-size.jpgFitness is a funny thing!  It doesn’t happen by osmosis.  For instance, watching a workout on TV won’t get you into shape, but participating will.  Imagine that…fitness is not a specatator sport.

I know, I am being sarcastic.  Sorry, I wish that I could discover the magic words or potion, or piece of exercise equipment that would motivate people to get off of their seat and on their feet.  I don’t understand why one would avoid moving their body to expend the excess calories and reap the benefits that one gains from being physically fit. 

I’ve seen hundreds of people come and go through the group fitness studio and the gym, but very few stay committed for the long haul.  Why is that?  Busy lives?  Complacent attitudes?  Probably a bit of both.

I used to say that anyone can make room for fitness.  I came to realize that isn’t always so.  It isn’t always possible to find time in a twelve or fourteen hour work day to exercise.  That being said, everyone can and should allow at least 15 minutes per day for themselves, to relax, unwind, and hopefully do a few crunches, or stretches, or even take a short walk.  Being physically active, even for that short amount of time, adds up over time and can lead to a healthier body.  If you adopt this plan, in only a couple of weeks you will find that you have more energy and endurance for work and the activities of daily living.

If you have had time to read this short post on my blog, you have found a few minutes in your day for YOU!  Take advantage of it.  You will be so glad that you did.

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